WebMD Damages Its Brand

One of the greatest assets any on line company has is the integrity of its brand image. This is especially important for a site like WebMD that characterizes itself as “The leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information.”

However, the Washington Times reported yesterday that this trustworthy source has a price, $4.8m so far. As the article reports this money was spent in producing specialist content for WebMD’s Medscape platform that services physicians. This raises several questions:

  • Was the content on Medscape identified as being paid for by an HHS contract?
  • Did the size of the contract effect WebMD’s consumer information and opinion on ObamaCare?
  • Does WebMD have any other contracts with HHS?
  • Were the approving comments by HHS Secretary Sebelius part of the contract negotiation?

WebMD needs to go public with this relationship and what it entailed or it risks finding itself connected with the growing number of contoversies associated with the rollout of ObamaCare.