ObamaCare – Question Answered Quickly

At the end of my last post I posed the question about how many more election cycles it will take to fully implement ObamaCare.

Bloomberg News is reporting today, that the administration has decided to push the enrollment start date for 2015 back from October 15, 2014 to November 15, 2014. Supposedly, this will give insurance companies more time to evaluate the performance of their exchange plans before setting rates for 2015. ObamaCare  apologist Jonathan Gruber is quoted as saying:

“This is an important business for them and they want to make smart decisions about how they set their rates. It’s in the nation’s interest they get time to make those decisions.”

Apparently Mr. Gruber has never worked with actuaries before, or has any knowledge about the rate filing cycle insurers go through with state insurance commissioners.

The fact that enrollees will not see their 2015 rates until after the November 4, 2014 Congressional elections must be simply coincidental.