ObamaCare – You Do The Math

Nice, short article in USA Today by Tom Wilemon of the The Tennessean (h/t Drudge). He interviews several local employers about their decisions around providing healthcare insurance under ObamaCare. The key take away is the difficulty in trying to fit so many different types of small businesses into the regulations (that are as yet unfinished) and the problems that these business owners have in trying to make decisions. There are even strange examples such as the case of the ┬ánon-profit that doesn’t pay taxes qualifying for tax credits.

The irony of the ObamaCare regulations is that small business owners have the most difficult decisions to make and not very many resources to help them understand. Under ObamaCare, agent commissions are not included as a qualified administrative expense so the incentive of agents to provide guidance is lessened when they are needed the most. While the one year waiver on employer penalties will give more time, will the small employer ever be able to keep up with their larger competitors or should they just drop healthcare insurance all together and avoid the headache?

Is this an intended or unintended consequence of ObamaCare?