ObamaCare and the Culture of Deniability

Much has been made of the President’s ‘you can keep it’ phrasing and the fallout from insurance policies being discontinued due to the coverage requirements of ObamaCare. Depending on the spin, the President meant something and listeners heard something else. Another possibility is the President wasn’t aware of what the insurance companies would do.

Stories have also circulated about the presentation to the President of the supposed functionality of the website healthcare.gov were misleading and glossed over difficulties.

Now, as Congressional hearings are starting to dig deeper into ObamaCare problems we get another layer of a failure to communicate. CBS news has reported that the CMS project manager responsible for the building of the site was never informed of the serious security problems with the site outlined in a security risk memo. Anyone who has ever had work with project management in a large corporation or government know that this very non-standard.

So the question is whether the problems relating to the rollout of ObamaCare were systemic, politically motivated, or just plain old fashioned bureaucratic CYA? You decide.